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Lewis Road Creamery

In 2017 Southern Pastures purchased 50 percent of New Zealand’s sweetheart dairy brand, Lewis Road Creamery, which burst into public consciousness with its popular flavoured milk back in October 2014. 

A collision of two iconic New Zealand brands, Whitakers Chocolate and Lewis Road Creamery milk, the chocolate milk struck a chord with customers creating mayhem in supermarkets, snaking queues and even a black market due its unforeseen demand.  Ad man, Peter Culliane and his team have done a wonderful job in bringing butter, fresh milk and many other products to shelves both in New Zealand and abroad.

Nicola, Lewis Road Creamery

Almost exactly six years after the fortuitous chocolate milk release, Southern Pastures has acquired the remaining 50 percent.

It’s an exciting time for the brand and Southern Pastures can’t wait to marry its understanding and reputation around farming to support and nurture the Lewis Road brand moving forward.

To all the Lewis Road fans and “roadies” out there, we want to express our thanks for supporting the brand and we hope we can continue to delight and thrill you with innovative and nutritious … sometimes decadent products over the coming years.

Explore Lewis Road:

Where To Find Us

Time for a milk run? Lewis Road products are stocked around the country. To find your nearest store, use this handy locator.


Feeling inspired? The Lewis Road website is chock-full of great recipe ideas using products from across the range. Check it out.


Just like our cows, we’re social animals. If you’d like to keep up with the latest you can find Lewis Road on Facebook and Instagram.

Lewis Road milk range

Where To Find Us

Lewis Road is available at most Woolworth stores.


Check us out on Instagram for the latest.

Where To Find Us

Lewis Road’s award-winning 10 Star butter is available at Wholefoods and other great retailers across the U.S. Find your nearest store here.


Follow Lewis Road on Instagram for all the latest and greatest.

Lewis Road butter from Southern Pastures NZ 10 Star farms.